St. Elizabeth Hospital Child/Adolescent Behavioral Health Program

1506 South Oneida Street 
Appleton, WI 54915 

(920) 738-2490 

Contact Person: 
Contact Unit Staff at (920) 738-2490 or Affinity Nurse Direct at 1-800-362-9900 

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Brief Description of the Service(s) You Offer: 
The Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health program provides a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the assessment, treatment, and disposition planning of children and adolescents experiencing mental, emotional and/or substance abuse issues.  Our acute care setting provides a safe environment for evaluating and treating mood, anxiety and thought disorders, eating disorders, attention deficit disorders, disruptive behavioral disorders, as well as grief and past abuse issues. 

Therapists’ Names and Areas of Expertise (If Applicable): 
The multidisciplinary treatment team is led by Dr. Deborah Scuglik, a board-certified child and adolescent phsychiatrist.  The team is comprised of pediatric neuropsychologists, social workers, nutritionists, teachers, psychotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, AODA counselors and spiritual service staff. 

Do You Have a Psychiatrist on Staff? 
If Yes, Their Name(s):  Deborah Scuglik, MD 
Board Certified in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 

How Can Someone Access Your Services? 
Referrals to our program may be presented by primary care or pediatric physicians, behavioral health professionals, county agencies, school and/or law enforcement personnel.  Although we can take calls from parents or guardians to discuss concerns and gather information, a referral by one of the above mentioned personnel is also required.  Referral of a child or an adolescent to the program can be made by contacting St. Elizabeth Hospital directly at (920) 738-2490. 

Hours of Service: 
24 hour a day inpatient acute care is provided. 

Is There a Cost? 
Please check with your health insurance carrier. 

Method of Payment and Insurances Accepted: 
Please check with your health insurance carrier. 

Do you accept Medical Assistance: 
Please check with your health insurance carrier. 

Services That You Offer to Clients Whose First Language is Other Than English: 
We use an interpreter service to meet the needs of our clients whose first language is other than English. 

Other Information That Should be Included to Describe Your Organization: 
We encourage family involvement with scheduled family meetings facilitated by social work staff.  Parenting skill training resources are available.  We collaborate with the school systems to resolve school issues and facilitate positive communication between patient, family and school personnel to promote academic success.