Fond du Lac County Youth Fire Intervention Program (YFIP)

815 S. Main Street 
Fond du Lac WI 54935 

(920) 322-3800 

Contact Person and E-mail:
Deb Pinnow, Secretary  email:

Dr. Espen Klausen, Psychologist, email:

Troy Haase, Division Chief of Fire Prevention email:

Jason Roberts, Intervention Specialist  email:


Referral Forms:

Youth Fire Intervention School Referral Form (PDF)
Youth Fire Intervention Refferal Form (PDF)

Fire setting continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes among our youth. This program has served the Fond du Lac community since the early 1980's. The mission of the Fond du Lac County Youth Fire Intervention Program is to provide education and professional assessments, as well as referral and coordination of further services to the child and their parents/guardian to prevent, reduce, and/or eliminate fire setting behavior.

The fire educators meet with both the youth and their parents. During the meeting, interviews are conducted with the child and parent to discuss the child's fire setting behavior, the events surrounding the incident and other fire setting, the result of the incident, and positive alternatives to fire setting behavior. The fire educators also teach the child and parent fire prevention, fire hazards in the home and general fire education through discussion, educational videos, other fire prevention materials and activities. In addition to the meeting with child and parent, the fire educators follow up with the family after the initial meeting for further interviews and education.

The next step of the program involves the parents and you meeting with a psychologist associated with the program. This psychologist specializes in youth as well as those with fire setting behaviors. The psychologist will meet with the parent(s) and child to assess the child's risk of further fire behaviors, as well as any emotional difficulties, life experiences, and family situations that may contriute to the child's fire behaviors.  The psychologist will complete this assessment so as to provide recommendations for how to best meet the child's needs in a way that helps prevent further fire behaviors.  The psychologist may or may not refer the child for individual or family therapy with themselves or another provider, depending on the child's specific needs.

How can someone access your services? 
Access to the program can be done through: voluntarily by calling the contact number. Juvenile Intake (court ordered);  direction from clinicians; and referrals from other communities and programs.

Hours of Service: 
Appointments are scheduled to best accommodate the youth and parents

Services that you offer to clients whose first language is other than English: 
The Fond du Lac Youth Fire Intervention Program will attempt to accommodate all members of the community.

Other information that should be included to describe your organization: 
The Fond du Lac Youth Fire Intervention program is continually reaching out to all community resources that may prevent child fire setting behaviors.

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