• Bullying

    Safe Schools &
    Violence Prevention

    Improve school and community safety
    through system-wide prevention and intervention.

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  • Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Abuse

    Alcohol, Tobacco &
    Other Drug Abuse

    Resources, support and preventative measures
    for parents regarding suspected or confirmed
    alcohol, tobacco or other drug abuse.

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  • SchoolAgeSocialEmotional

    School-Age Social and
    Emotional Support

    Increase availability of quality school and community-based
    social, emotional and behavioral support.

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  • EarlyChildhoodSocialEmotional

    Early Childhood Social
    and Emotional Learning

    Meet the social emotional needs of young children within
    the context of family, culture, education and community.

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  • Adult / Senior Services

    Adult / Senior Services

    Provide information about topics ranging
    from aging to wellness.

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In an effort to reach our Destination of Zero Suicides in Fond du Lac County, register to attend one of the Youth Mental Health First Aid trainings listed below.  This is a FREE training that teaches individuals how to identify and respond to signs of mental health concerns in youth ages 12-18. 
August 7th, 2018
Registration: 7:45am
Time: 8:00-4:00pm
Location: Fond du Lac High School (801 Campus Drive)
**Registration is required: https://goo.gl/forms/R94RcQWk1czNRcni1
August 30th, 2018
Registration: 7:15am
Time: 7:30-3:30pm
Location: STEM Institute/STEM Academy (401 S Military Rd)
**Registration is required: https://goo.gl/forms/KGC592QUUxjNxw4b2

Comprehensive Service Integration (CSI) of Fond du Lac County, Inc.

Comprehensive Service Integration (CSI) is a community coalition of over 25 community stakeholders who recognize the need for the social, emotional and behavioral well-being of all of our residents.

In partnership with the community we address violence prevention, access to mental health services, parent engagement, drug and alcohol abuse and early childhood social and emotional development.

One in five children and adults experience a mental illness and less than half of those individuals receive treatment. You may know someone that struggles.

Through the efforts of CSI, our community can grow into a healthy place for all of us and allow our children to become productive members of the community and workforce.

Our Strategies

  • Decrease the stigma of mental illness through education

  • Expand wellness initiatives and participation

  • Expand crisis intervention and community trauma response services

  • Decrease wait times for first mental health appointments

  • Increase effective recruitment and retention of mental health providers

Need Help Now?

If you or someone else is:

  • Harming themselves or someone else

  • Communicating they may harm themselves or someone else

  • Saying or doing something that leads you to believe they are “not in touch with reality”

  • Under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and you are concerned about their safety

Call 911 – Your local law enforcement will come and provide assistance.


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